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University of Alabama Defensive Back
Coaching on Recruiting and Training

About Me

I'm originally from Tuscaloosa Alabama. In high school, I was two-time West Alabama All Star, and played varsity basketball as well as ran track.​

After being overlooked by several division one football schools, I decided to play football at Palmetto Prep Academy in Columbia, SC.

After a lot of hard work and commitment to my craft, I have now returned home to Tuscaloosa and earned a spot on the University of Alabama's squad as a Defensive Back.

I help high school, middle school, and preparatory school football players improve their game. I also guide athletes through the recruiting process. Check out my offer below.

My Services


1:1 Mentorship

1:1 mentorship sessions to elevate your game to new levels.

​Not only will I help you emerge as a better player on the field, I will help you become  more confident in your abilities. The key to success is a full commitment to your craft, a hard work ethic, and a confident mind. I can help you emerge as an incredible player.

See my plan below

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Football Group Mentorship

A small group setting where I help like-minded, young athletes.

The group session is meant to help young athletes take their game to the next level. I will guide you through recruitment and walk-on process. I will give you strategies and tips that I have learned to elevate your game.

See my plan below

Free Lifting and Nutrition Plan


I am offering a free 6-Week Nutrition and Lifting plan to elevate your game! At Alabama, I stay on top of my nutrition and lifts to elevate my game on the field. 

Fill out the form below and you will receive an email with my lifting and nutrition plan attached!

If you have purchased my Lifting and Nutrition Program, feel free to rate my program and give feedback below
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